Gunston Hall Plantation, VA
© Lynn Geesaman , 1996
Housmas House, LA
© Lynn Geesaman , 2000
Rugen Island, Germany
© Lynn Geesaman , 1993
Sluis, Netherlands
© Lynn Geesaman , 1995
Filoli Gardens, CA (1)
© Lynn Geesaman , 2000
Near Monticiano, Italy (2)
© Lynn Geesaman , 2000
Parc de Canon, France (4)
© Lynn Geesaman , 1995
Filoli Gardens, CA (3)
© Lynn Geesaman , 2000
Alhambra, Spain (1)
© Lynn Geesaman

Lynn Geesaman

Based in Minneapolis, Geesaman learned photography when she was 33 years old in an effort to take pictures of her children. Her hobby soon became a full time career and she gained national recognition for her striking photographs of gardens devoid of people. In 1987, Geesaman started traveling to France and Belgium when she realized the gardens she most sought were outside the United States. She is best known for her velvety black and white photographs, but has accomplished the same effect in her radiant color works. These spring-like images, softly rendered yet retaining their detail, are of gardens and landscapes that seem “filtered through memory”.