New York City, 1974
© Elliott Erwitt , 1974
Brasilia, Brazil
© Elliott Erwitt , 1961
Buzios, Brazil
© Elliott Erwitt , 1990
Coney Island
© Elliott Erwitt , 1955
Coney Island
© Elliott Erwitt , 1975
Hollywood, CA
© Elliott Erwitt , 1956
© Elliott Erwitt , 1982
Key West, Florida
© Elliott Erwitt , 1968
Las Palmas, Spain (Canary Islands)
© Elliott Erwitt , 1964
Motel Room, Texas
© Elliott Erwitt , 1962
New York City
© Elliott Erwitt , 2000
New York City
© Elliott Erwitt , 1953
New York City
© Elliott Erwitt , 1958
New York City
© Elliott Erwitt , 1969
Saintes Marie de la Mer, France
© Elliott Erwitt , 1977
Simone de Beauvoir
© Elliott Erwitt , 1949
St. Tropez
© Elliott Erwitt , 1979
Venice, Italy
© Elliott Erwitt , 1949

‘Elliott Erwitt’

8/3 to 10/1/2002
The Candace Perich Gallery has the honor to present the photographs of Elliott Erwitt. Renowned as one of the leading photojournalists of the 20th century, invited at age 26 to become a member of the exclusive photo agency Magnum (Capa, Cartier-Bresson, Haas), Erwitt has photographed the world for over 50 years. Humor and irony are trademarks of Erwitt's style, which reveals the fun to be found everywhere: a graceful long-necked crane seems to imitate a stem of twisted metal pipe (or is it the reverse?), the scale of the world is magically transformed from the perspective of a chihuahua, a person on a stoop appears to have the head of a large bulldog. <br><br>Witty visual puns are perhaps Erwitt at his most Erwitt-esque, however his vast archive also encompasses historic figures of the post-war period: Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Simone de Beauvoir, William Carlos Williams, as well as John and Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kerouak—the list goes on to include many of the most notable figures in politics, art, and entertainment of the post-war era.
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